Air Travel

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Emission factors for Air Travel:

Short haul < 452 km 0.18
Medium haul >452km < 1600km 0.13
Long haul >1600km 0.11

Average speed 850km/h on a Boeing 747

Air travel definitions and factors are from the
GHG Protocol Mobile Combustion Tool.

Carbon Calculator

The Facts:

Climate change is now the most urgent environmental issue and as the world wakes up to its' threats.Our carbon calculator uses the Global Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocols which aim to harmonize GHG accounting and reporting standards internationally to ensure that different trading platforms and other climate related initiatives adopt consistent approaches to GHG accounting. This protocol has recently been converted into a standard (SANS ISO 14064-1:2006 Part 1: specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals).

The principles in this standard have been used to develop a Carbon Calculator that is applicable to Turkey and provides a high level estimation of the carbon footprint.  The purpose is to create awareness around lifestyle choices, events, venues, office buildings, business processes, industries and the contribution to climate change. Creating awareness based on a credible baseline is the first step in reducing your footprint. As we say, “If you do not know how large your footprint is, how can you evaluate your reduction”?

Electricity consumption

Monthly Consumption [ kWh ] Annual Consumption [ kWh ] CO2 [ kg ] C [ kg ] No of Trees

Annual consumption:  kWh  

0.978 CO2 Emission factor from Eskom 2006 report


Reams [ Monthly ] Reams[ Annually ] Weight [ Tons ] No of Trees

Reams of paper per month:   
[ Ream = 500 Sheets ] 

Paper Production

Paper consumption Input from Xerox 1 tree equals 14 reams or 7000 sheets, 410 reams equals 1 ton. Source :


Carbon Dioxide Emission No of Trees
Air Travel
Motor Travel
Electricity Consumption
Paper Production
Total Number of Trees


'Climate scientists believe that human-induced global deforestation is responsible for 18-25% of global climate change. The United Nations, World Bank and other leading nongovernmental organizations are encouraging reforestation, avoided deforestation and other projects that encourage tree planting to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Trees sequester carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, converting carbon dioxide and water into molecular dioxygen (O2) and plant organic matter, such as carbohydrates (e.g., cellulose). Hence, forests that grow in area or density and thus increase in organic biomass will reduce atmospheric CO2 levels. (Carbon dioxide is released as CO2 if a tree or its lumber burns or decays, but as long as the forest is able to grow back at the same rate as its biomass is lost due to oxidation of organic carbon, the net result is carbon neutral.) In their 2001 assessment, the IPCC estimated the potential of biological mitigation options (mainly tree planting) is on the order of 100 Gigatonnes of carbon dioxide (cumulative) by 2050, equivalent to about 10% to 20% of projected fossil fuel emissions during that period.' - Wikipedia

Motor Travel

Car Type Annual distance km CO2 [ kg ] C [ kg ] No of Tees

Car Type:

Annual distance:

Traveling by road (chargeable and nonchargeable)

In order to have a practical and easy calculator the calculations are based on a medium sized petrol car. In accordance with the definitions and factors from the GHG Protocol Mobile Combustion Tool this car would emit 0.22 kg CO2 per km. In an average company some employees would drive a smaller where others drive larger cars and a medium sized car would closely approximate the overall picture. This emission factor can not be applied to off road agricultural or delivery vehicles. Please follow the principles of the GHG reporting protocol (now also available as SANS 14064-1:2006 Specification with guidance at the organizational level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals) to guide you should you/your company need a comprehensive calculation.